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I Ching Spiritual Counselor
Ra Un Nefer Amen

With the "I Ching Spiritual Counselor" software, based on Ra Un Nefer Amen's* insight into the I Ching, you can get a clear and complete explanation of your reading in less than 5 minutes! . Also includes prescriptions for meditations, and spiritual exercises to assist in the solution of the problem. Then save it, print it, or email it.

Meditation Fundamentals 
Ra Un Nefer Amen

Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of Metu Neter volumes I and 2, tree of Life Meditation, Maat - 11 Laws of God, I Ching Spiritual Counselor (Software & Manual), Tree of Life gi Gong (DVD & Book), and many other books, shares his 34 years of meditation instruetion in this monurrentat software. In a short while you will be meditating effectively to improve your memory, Iearaing capacity, remove stress, get rid of uawanted habits, control your emotional attitrrde and responses, improve mental and physical performance, and so much more.

Kamitic Success
Tracking Software
Ra Un Nefer Amen

Devolped by Ra Un Nefer Amen. This Software Disc is to be used along with the Kamitic Success paperback text in order to track your progress.  

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