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Tree of Life Qi Gong DVD
Companion DVD for the Tree Of Life Book 
Ra Un Nefer Amen

The Chinese word "qi', stands for energy, especially the life-force, and the word "Gong,, stands for cultivation. Qi Gong therefore, is a system of energy cultivation. According to Chinese thinking, the life-force is at the basis of the funcition of the mind, emotions and the physical body. 
All aspects of health cultiration is based on the regulaiion of the Iife-force (Qi).
Qi Gong is an exercise system__over three thousands years old--aimed at regulating, promoting and enhancing the flow ol the life-force throughout the life-force/Qi channels of the body. 
Disturbances in the flow ol this energy (excesses,deficiencies, stagnation, obstruction) will result in hypo or hyper function in the cells of the body and/or a corresponding disturbance in the blood flow to the cells. By insuring adequate energy and blood flow to every and/or targeted cells, Qi Cong exercises, performed on a regular basis will contribute a great deal to well being.

Qi Gong Stasis Healing Sounds DVD
Ra Un Nefer Amen

The deep healing sounds in this DVD have been used in China and the orient for the past 3,000 years for addressing degenerative illnesses and the problems of aging. According to the theory, degenerative illnesses, such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and the ailments common to aging arise from a obstruction in the flow (stasis) of Qi (the life [orce). Throug,h these simple exercises, in the privacy of your home or anywhere, you will be able to share in the rich and effective healing experience that others have enioyed from time immemorial. These healing exercises are used extensively in the medical hospitals in China and throughout Asia by Qi Gong practitioners working side-by-side with medical doctors. These healing sounds are not a substitute for professional medical guidance and services and are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment or any illnesses. They are to be utilized in the same manner that other gentle exercise programs are used as auxiliary practices in health maintenance regimes.

Het Heru Healing Dance DVD
Ancient Healing for the Modern Women
Queen Mother Maasht Amm Amen

The Het Heru Healing Dance is a healing, strengthening,stimulating and invigorating full body massage, orchestrated to soothing music. This description of the Het Heru Healing Dance fully captures its essence. The dance consists of 11 movements of peace, designed to marshal and balance the body's QI (life force). Testimonals include toning of the stomach and uterine muscles, improvement in breathing rates and blood circulation after less than fifteen minutes of daily practice. These reported results accompany a release of tensions that masquerade in women's lives as anger, grief,depression, lonliness, and fear. These and other tensions are the root of many chronic illnesses. Tension feeds illness while relaxation nutures total mind-body wellness. Testimonials also include improved menstrual cycles, increased fertility, decreased fibroid, enhanced creativity, high tolerance levels for everyday challenges, general optimism and harmony in relationships. Now you too can harness your own tremendous healing power as you relax and experience the ecstay of the Het Heru Healing Dance in celebration of womanhood and sisterhood, in the spirit of health and well being.


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